Gaming Grub, Roll a 20 on Taste.

Well they say the things we write about are the things we enjoy. With this blog I write about gaming because as I said it is something I enjoy. For my friends from the land of Facebook it would come as little surprise I also enjoy cooking. Yet I do not write about it. Recently while at MACE for their annual convention between games my friend Mack asked me if I had ever thought about writing a blog about gaming food?  My response was a solid “No” at the time. This was in part was because I have no desire to have a food blog. Nor do I have any desire to run two blogs. Even I do not have that much time. Now since that conversation several times I have taken part in discussions on the topic of gaming. I have learned when a topic continues to arise. It is a hint to write about it. Now as I have said I have zero desire to run a second blog. But I do have time to blog about it every now and again! So with that I have decided to go forward with running a series of blog posts devoted to Games we love and the foods we love with them. After all It is interesting how closely food and games go together.

Much like a sporting event most gaming tables will see a wide variety of food devoured over the years.  Gaming Grub all too often this turns out to be chips, dip soda and snacks. Junk that is high in sugar and low in anything else. There are plenty of good things to eat out there at the game table and not all of them are veggie and fruit plates. Granted some days a Fruit Plate might be perfect, this said I am in no way suggesting swapping out the Doritos for Banana chips. But there are other sensible and enjoyable options out there when it comes to good Grub.

Now do not be confused, this will not be a health food blog about all the “Good Foods” you can replace your snacks with. The intent here will be food good eats style. Low mess easy prep foods. Food that can be made in advance of game or in short order between rounds. As well as themed meals for immersion and fun at the table. I look forward with your help as well to create a large collection of awesome fun recipes for our fellow gamer’s !





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