Gamer Grub Carrion Cake!!

Over the years as a gamer I have seen groups try to tackle gaming and food in several different ways. The standard with most groups is each player shows up and fends for themselves. That said this portion of the blog might touch on some food ideas for all occasions as well as play styles. As I mentioned with Gamer grub I will try to hit a variety of awesome things to bring to the table with each blog. So I will start this off with my personal favorite.

Years ago, I moved from the Fort Stewart area and moved to my new home of Charleston. Before I left I wrapped up a multi-year D&D campaign. I wanted to make this a special game for my players as well as thank them for all the fun we had at the table together over the years. For about two weeks I struggled to find the right way to make it memorable. Then inspiration struck, as I was walking through the store I saw this silly caterpillar cake.  I have no idea who came up with this thing. In that moment I was hit with a wave of inspiration.
I would make my players face off with a gargantuan carrion crawler. A truly monstrous beasts of tasty proportions.

2012-12-19 13.42.17

Now I still needed to transform the beast the rest of the way. I finished the beast with some smarties for Antenna and black licorice for tentacles. As the battle ensued with each round I cut a slice of the great beast and passed him around. That was nearly 18 years ago. And I still remember it. I hope my players do as well.

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