Black Friday, Inspired Ideas on Mobs.

SO while I am sitting here sipping my coffee as a large portion of my nation crowds their way into malls and stores across the land I was thinking to myself. Is there any ideas I could take from this for in-game. After all my Black Friday tradition is to sit back and be thankful that I made the conscious choice not to go out and risk being trampled to death in a crowed over a cabbage patch doll or for the latest Ipad.

So here we go with a short rapid fire list of some ideas of how to use Black Friday. Or any other massive gathering or crowd in your games.

Villain uses the crowd to make his escape this could be done in several ways.

  •  He dresses like everyone in the crowd.
  •  He throws money in the air as he makes his escape.
  • He claims he has left a harmful device in the crowd
  • He takes a hostage.
  • The Villain entices the crowd to riot.
  • He accuses the party of wrong doing and pleads for the crowds help

Villain uses the crowd as his target to help in his getaway

  • He destroys a dam, The water will wash the crowd away if the players do not act.
  • He causes a stampede directed at the crowd
  • Leaps from a speeding vehicle that is heading straight at the crowd.
  • Sets a fire in a nearby building to panic the crowd and make good his escape.

Crowds are Perfect time for the zombie Apocalypse!

  • Zombie outbreak in a Black Friday mall.
  • Or a stadium during a Football or Soccer game.

Now in several of these examples the crowds can suddenly become an angry mob that the party may have to deal with. Just think of all of the issues that can come up if your players get in combat in a crowd like this! Just a few ideas in my free time before I get ready for my Star Wars Edge of the Empire game. Enjoy !




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