3 thoughts on “Card Game Review – Superfight!

  1. Thanks for the reblog! 🙂

    I really feel, if you’ve played CAH, this is a less-offensive version. It can be offensive still, but it’s what you make of it.

    1. Agreed and there are tons of Great friends that I have that just want to play something a little less, crude. As much as I love CAH often you have to go to a very deep well and dive in to really get the good points with most of your fellow gamer’s. This keeps you in the shallow end of the pool so to speak from what I have heard.

      1. That’s exactly the case. I often pick things which to me seems really funny… However, the winning card will be generally pretty random, based on how funny that card is in general. But Superfight!, at least, requires thought!

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