#RPGaDay2015 Day 31 Favorite Non-RPG thing to come out of RPGing Friends & Family

RPG a day 2015 - Twitter

A lifetime of lifelong Family and friendships. I do not even have to think about the answer to this days question. From Roleplaying I have had the chance to sit down with strangers and from life long friendships. Bonds that will last forever. That is tremendous to have such a common ground to bond on.
My whole family springs from the roots of gaming. The first time I saw her was while I was gaming. Shortly after she joined our game group. My son was born while we were in the service and one of our gamer friends dropped their crown royal dice bag all over the hospital floor the first time my son was brought to our room for our friends to see! I could go on and on for hours with stories about things that have come out of gaming that have affected my life. I have no regrets looking back at the years of games that have been played and friendships made.

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