#RPGaDay2015 Day 28 Favorite Game you no longer play WEG D6 Star Wars

RPG a day 2015 - Twitter

Anyone that knows me or has followed my blog for a decent length of time will know this answer right away. My favorite game that I no longer play is without a doubt Star Wars D6. I would go on and on about it but you can look up my past posts and see how much I love the system and setting.

I will say that Fantasy Flight Games new Star Wars system has been growing on me more and more as I run it in my now weekly game. I am not as of yet comfortable with it to the point that I would say it has begun to scratch the itch that WEG D6 did for me. But it is getting closer. As we play and I soon get the chance to see some force powers in play at the table. That will likely be the deciding factor for me. If FFG pulls off a good force system I may have finally found a new game that will sate my craving for old school Star Wars action. So we shall see.

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