#RPGaDay2015 Day 23 Perfect game for you ?

RPG a day 2015 - Twitter

Well I am playing catch up today as I finally ran behind for the first time in this RPGaDay series. So this one might be a bit shorter. It also was not just due to falling behind on the days that caught up to me, but that his question was surprisingly hard to answer easily for me. I thought and thought, what would be the perfect game for me. In the end It came to me. It’s not about the game. It’s about the people at the table. I could be playing the best run game in the world and if I was sitting at a table with people I could not stand. I would be miserable. Give me Hello Kitty Island Adventure rules run in a fantasy hack and slash setting. Surrounded by my best friends and I am sill going to find a way to play the hell out of that game and have fun!

Now I have always surrounded myself with gamer’s that I am friends with and like. So for me in a small way every time we get together to game it is a perfect game. Some are not as perfect as others. But think for a moment just how special is it. When you have friends that every week and for some groups even twice a week come together and game. Think of the hours and time that is set aside a in just a year. Playing with one and other at the game table. That’s pretty damn perfect when you think about how much fun is had around the world at tables like yours and mine.

With that in mind each year I run a reunion game at my con. At my reunion game I run it in a board room behind closed doors so that it feels as much like playing how we did all the years back with my gamer’s that no longer are close to my home. I think it has become the highlight of the year for my old players and it is very special to see players that gamed more than 20 years ago. Traveling far and wide to come together and sit at a table and play games with their old friends again.

So yeah it’s not what we play that makes a game perfect. It’s who we play it with.

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