#RPGaDAY2015 Day 14 Favorite RPG Accessory

RPG a day 2015 - Twitter

For today’s question I will say that my favorite RPG accessory is my iPad. At first I used it solely for the purposes of freeing up tons of books needing to be brought to the table. Yet as more apps have been developed the iPad has become more and more useful for in-game prep and the running of games. Between PDF’s, Apps, One Note and SRD’s I  have everything I need during my game at my fingertips. So much that I would go so far as dubbing the Tablet as the new GM screen. Heck look at my con box.


These days my entire game prep is done on my iPad or my iPhone. Between PDFs stored on each of the devices or in the cloud.  Using Apps for maintaining character sheets and story-notes. As well as all of my books on PDF for reference for anything game related.


I would say the apps that I use the most for game these days would be Microsoft OneNote which is an amazing tool for game prep. I came about the realization of how useful it was through the podcast happy jacks RPG. The game masters there had mentioned their love of the product so I decided to go to try myself and I’ve never looked back.

Additionally my current favorite fifth edition app is GM fifth edition. It is a game master screen app with the ability to track encounters, character sheet logs. The section for notes and a bestiary as well downloadable files for armor and treasure. It takes a lot of front end work with the app but the Facebook group is wonderful for the support of the application and it makes it well worth the money for anyone looking for a good Dungeons and Dragons app to use the table.

So these are the reasons why I feel my Ipad is my favorite and most used accessory.

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