D20 Entertainment back! UPDATE

Well this weekend I blogged about the an odd occurrence with D20 entertainment having deleted their account. It gathered much attention as I happened to be one of the first to notice it. That said It was also fixed promptly. I contacted Jolly Blackburn to pass the information to Ken as soon as I saw it. It just happened that I was looking at the kickstater the moment it deleted.  It was just a mater of luck that I was able to contact Jolly due to an interview I recently did with him.  Ken was informed of the issue the next morning and all is normal come Monday. As it turned out a product producer cleared their Kickstarter account that was associated with D20 and it registered the a D20 Entertainment KS deleted .. all is well now.
But there were many backers that felt this was more nefarious than it turned out to be. I myself blogged about His shaky communication with his backers. And of issues of his past Kicks. My blog made its way to Ken himself. And has graciously agreed to an interview with this blog in an effort to clear the air a bit and set his backers at ease.
How do I feel about this ? It is a big task and one I will not put on the back burner. I plan on forming of my questions for out chat over the next few days and addressing this in a timely manner. I think we owe it to his backers.
So keep your eyes out in the coming days .
Thanks Everyone !

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