Science Fiction Month



Not much here to say then I know I am late to the party on mentioning this nice little deal.
If there are any interesting Sci-Fi products out there that you have had your eye on. This is the month to get out there and get them! Now I have told most of you to go out and get Firefly and Numenera and The Strange as well as Star Wars. So I would say take this month and get some accessories !
I have a few on my list to grab.

As many Ships as I can from

0 hr: art & technology

124621 (1)

In Translation: The Strange Character Options


I review this HERE> This is a must have for players of the Cypher System games.

Savage Worlds Science Fiction Companion



So there is my list of grabs I will be looking at.
Let me know whats on  your list!

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