[Friday Map] The Temple Complex Ruins

Dysons maps are some of the best your going to find for fantasy hands down. There is something about the style that he uses. When you look at a Dyson map you feel like an adventurer scouting your next destination.
If you have not seen his projects get over there and take a look. And if you like his work and can spare the change support his awesome skills with the Patreon project he has set up.

Dyson's Dodecahedron

The Temple Ruins (with overlays) The Temple Ruins (with overlays)

Ancient temples fallen to ruin hidden deep in the jungle. Sounds like the setup for any number of pulp adventures and one I haven’t drawn nearly enough of (although I’ve run a fair number of adventures over the years with this exact premise… or the “twist” of it being an ancient palace instead of a temple).


I’m not sure how well I got my mental image across in this map in the end. The idea is that the front-most two buildings on the left are two stories tall with their lower stories mostly collapsed rubble, and the central piece being a second-story bridge that connects the two sides. But regardless of the success or failure of getting that multi-level vision across, the final map is still one I quite like and look forward to using in a game…

Temple Ruins (no overlays) Temple Ruins (no overlays)

Perhaps the more…

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