Appendix N Kickstarter – Almost as Bad as Mike Nystul’s Campaigns!

Kickstarter is a wonderful playground of awesome things. Yet with all things awesome. Some have one always has to come along and remind you how crappy some people can be. I didn’t back the full project but I split the kick with my friend and lets just say.. WOW hes a lot more dissatisfied then me. For all the right reasons.

Rolling Boxcars

So, the shit storm related to the botched Appendix N Kickstarter continues. The owner of Brave Halfling Press, John, has once again assured backers that still haven’t received their first shipment that it was coming. We continue to hear this time and again from John; what a lousy execution of the a Kickstarter campaign. For the longest time, I was an ardent supporter and dismissed the many delays, but my patience finally wore thin some ago and I blogged about it here and here .

In response to my blog posts, a package mysteriously appeared at the door one day and I finally had the first of what is supposed to be two shipments, read about it here. So, I can really sympathize with those that have not gotten their packages, but I wonder how many new and uniques ways he’ll come up with to botch the remaining shipments…

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