The Strange Recursion Design Competition!

So it seems to be a big day over at MCG! First I see Shananna Germain post about the Numeneara Movie becoming a real thing. Then Bruce Cordells tweet I catch a that I nearly missed that The Strange is kicking off a recursion contest ! Here are the details !

Here’s the deal: You submit a recursion (or several recursions—as many as you’d like) to the site between now and February 20th. We’ve assembled a panel of esteemed judges (more on our great judges below!), and on February 21st, they’ll start reviewing the submissions. We’ll announce a winner and two runners up on Friday, February 27th!

But wait: What if you’ve already posted an awesome recursion to The Recursion Codex? Don’t worry: You’re in the running! Our judges will consider all eligible recursions posted to the site by February 20th, including those that are already there.


In addition to fame, celebrity, many hurrahs from those of us at MCG, and general satisfaction in a world well designed, here’s what you’re vying for!

  • Winner: Bruce Cordell will adapt your recursion for inclusion in Worlds Numberless and Strange, the forthcoming sourcebook on recursions. (The book is almost completely written, but we’re saving a little space for your great idea!) You’ll get a copy of the book autographed by Bruce and the entire MCG staff, along with a $25 gift certificate for the MCG store. You’ll be credited in the book for the recursion concept, but please note that Bruce will adapt it, so it may be altered and you will not be given a design credit.
  • First runner up: $25 gift certificate for the MCG store
  • Second runner up: $25 gift certificate for the MCG store

The Official Rules




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