@Your Table.

These days I think even the hardcore old school players are mostly coming around to electronics at the game table. This is a well-known fact that we all agree on at this point. electronics either help to speed play and enhance the game or they threaten become a distraction. You and your group must learn to walk the fine line between your electronics being a complement to your game or suffer them as a detriment.
I love so much of what electronics have brought to the game. With that love I have more than my fair share of times. Stumbled into the trap of buying an app and having it slow my game down rather than speed it up.
And so @Your Table is born.
@YourTable will be an electronics review section of my blog much like my game reviews and Kickstarter reviews. Inspired by  the rise and fall, and rise again and fail of Codename: Morningstar. I decided I would put my mind to pulling a few gems out of the dark and warn against other lumps of coal in the electronic world of RPG tools. I will review Ipad and PC programs and applications that a GM or Players can bring to the tale to help their games. As I do not have an android tablet I will only touch on a few phone apps, Unless I can get a guest review of some android apps that are out there. I will also touch on any websites that I know of or come across to add to the mix.

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