Grimtooth’s Ultimate Traps ! Take my MONEY !

I still have my copies of Grimtooth’s Traps lying around I LOVE THESE Things. Granted many of these traps are so terribly foul that they would just mean the utter end any poor sap… I mean player that falls victim to them. OH sweet book of idea after idea of things that will make your players glare at you and curse you under their breath.
And the ones that are not deadly are just as dastardly devious ! There is something for everyone that loves using traps. Even if you do not love traps you my fall in love with traps after reading them narrated to you by Grimtooth!
If you have never seen Grimtooth traps here is a ten page sample.
Goodman Games Preview.

AND NOW it will be in HARDCOVER ! bound in one place for all time ! SO this kick is set up wonderfully. A Tier for everyone.
35 bucks for the Softcover
50 gets you the Hardcover
80 Bucks get you a Gold Foil Hardcover
120 gets you a Gold Foil and a Slipcase..

And stretch goals got Em.. Oh and the books already done.. HA !
lets see what eles. oh yeah 22 days to go and the books already funded.

Get on over and back this if  you want hundreds of awesome traps in the palm of your hand !


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