Product Review: The Stealer of Children, An Adventure for Labyrinth Lord

Rolling Boxcars

The Stealer of Children
 Peter C. Spahn
Artist: Luigi Castellani (art) & Tim Hartin (maps)
Publisher: Small Niche Games
Page Count: 31
Binding:  Saddle Staple
Available Formats: Softcover & PDF
Cost: Softcover – $4.95 & PDF – $4.95
Company Website:

As your heroes approach Leandras Row they are thrust into the growing hysteria over a missing child, but before the hysteria they must ponder the significance of an undead knight. Leandras Row finds itself embroiled in a nightmare, a child has gone missing from the night and the town is scared others will go missing. The townsfolk should fear the disappearance of more children for they are helpless against that which lingers in the night. This adventure focuses on investigation and finding solutions to the situation.

The module weighs in at a hefty 31 pages cover to cover (PDF) and it is jammed packed with lots of…

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