Weapon Speed and why its wrong.

I saw a link to this post today. I have often found myself very firmly in the same position as the vloger in this video.  I have over the years encountered a few systems that were based on weapon speed including the older editions of D&D. I always have had a hard time explaining to players my disagreement with the mechanics of these systems.
The idea of a guy with a dagger is going to be able to attack a man wielding a Broad Sword two or three times before he completes his first attack. Is painfully frustrating to explain how wrong this concept is. Yes the man with the dagger will be able to strike several times once he closes the distance and is now within his attack range. But to take said several attacks he must move to attack range, AND stay there.   I get that in many ways that this was an effort to more balance the damage from one weapon to the next. But for some reason many players think that weapon speed represents that you can actually attack someone repeatedly with a small hand weapon before that large weapon will connect.
Anyway, This video is an excellent explanation as to why this is not the case. Enjoy


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