#RPGaDay Day 16 What game Accessory do I wish I owned


Day 16 Game you wish you owned.

Well living as close as I do to a FLGS there really is not much in the way of a Game that I want that I do not have.
So I will replace this question with What Game Accessory do I wish I had.
Well if budget were no issue.. Instead of a used car I would pick myself up .. This bit of awesome… I mean Its a wish right ? 12-16k of a wish but hey .. they custom make it and come to your home and assemble it on site. What more can you ask for ! You a new age gamer and you want a Touch screen monitor installed in the center.. Sure they can do that .. Docking ports for all your devices.. yup they can do that.. It is the ultimate in table Top gaming .. And you will take it in the wallet for it. But you will be the envy of all your friends neighbors and any gamer in your region that learns what you have. The one Table to RULE THEM ALL !



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