#RPGaDay 14 Best Convention Purchase

Moving into Day 14

Well this will be rather short. Due to the fact that I have not made a ton of convention purchases over the years. So That said Last year at MACE during their annual auction I picked up a handy convention item that ever since has traveled with me to any events that I go to and take anything more then my I Pad.


Simply put. this handy little rolling cart has made my convention life much easier. Mine and Missy’s Gaming material fits nice in side with room to spare with a few drinks and anything I need to run for my games. I imagine it would not work as well a gigantic con.. I have never been to a Pax or Gen Con and I hear space gets a bit tight sometimes.. But it does just fine with the places we have often been too.

That Said I have seen way too many pictures of people in long lines at the huge cons sitting on the floor everywhere.. So I think my first con purchase for next year ( because I want to go to a big con) will be this bad boy.. I pretty cool upgrade and when the chair is folded up it has a smaller footprint then the one above.




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