River? Serenity?

One of my Favorite line in the Firefly T.V. series. As a GM it sets the perfect tone for my blog today. In most space based Science fiction games one often overlooked place where most of the game is going to take place is the ship. As a GM it is imperative you give the players a vessel with personality ! Hence today’s Title. Not only was this a great line in the show but Firefly itself embraces the idea that the ship was as much more than a vehicle to move the actors from scene to scene. Serenity was their ship and their home. And over the course of one short session we saw every part of the vessel from inside and out and we ourselves grew to love the ship.
This is a great example of how to use a location and run a scene with your players. Do not make the mistake  of only mentioning the ship when they get where they are going or are in combat. If you give it deep value for your players they will wince with every scratch.

Give your players ship some personality, here are a few fun ideas
The ships Navigation system is an old cranky astromech droid brain from an old R2 Unit.
The entire Com system was programmed in Rodian.
The ship makes odd noises in hyperspace.
The engines are custom, The ship is faster than normal but take somewhat longer to power up due to the drag on the systems at start-up.
The entertainment system only picks up one entertainment feed. Hutt Porn..
The previous owner was a Trandoshan, The ship is decorated with Wookiee fur rugs in each of the crew rooms and entertainment area.
and the list goes on …
Also give them a good-looking ship.. And please even though we all love Han Solo. Give your players a break pick a ship other than a default YT-1300. There is so much out there that can be just as cool and the players get the chance to make it Theirs. not a want to be Falcon.
I leave you with a cool ship or two, hornetfixcopycec_xs_1200_freighter_by_boomerangmouth-d4rlcjf (1)


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