Draco Magi

Well as I sat down to put some time in on my blog today my friend Robert Burke decided he would launch the Kickstarter for the game Draco Magi. Now if have been on kickstarter you may know the name Robert Burke. He’s Kicked no less than six other games. He knows his way around a good project and it shows.

Now full disclosure here I met Robert just shy of a year ago and consider the man a great friend. When I go to a convention he is one of the first people I look for to stop by and say hello. What does that have to do with this post, well everything. The day I met Robert I had the chance to play one of the first rounds of Draco Magi. The game is light years from what it was then. A statement to the effort Richard and Robert have put into the game. Yet The core Idea was and is still the same as that very first game I got to play. Dragons fighting Dragons for control of Lands.. Simple yet elegant. Even that day when I played it I could tell this was going to be a great game. But something very cool happened while Robert and I were testing out his creation.
Richard Launius walked up and sat down with us. Robert politely introduced us while for the next few moments I was blissfully unaware of was about to become a collaboration of like minds that would lead to the end result of Draco Magi.  Richard watched a round and then played a round of the game. And then it began. Two board game designers and I the enthusiast started talking about the game. Not as a game but as what the game could do better.. how to take it to the next level. I will claim no credit in this process in its first days. But I will proudly state that I was there when it all began. And it was awesome !
From there I got to see new iterations of the game at each of the events Robert and I would get the chance to chat at. every tweak just made the game closer to what it is today and it just got better and better. There is a lesson to be learned here. Making a game is a process. It takes time and refinement. And even from the outside I felt some of the pride in watching the project grow.
Now what you have is the finished project, Robert did not hold back on this kickstater. For a second time Robert puts forth a breathtakingly beautiful game that is a feast for the eyes to look at ! Battle for souls is striking and who can go wrong with the best art of all time to grace your cards.. But Draco Magi ..elevates the standard of kickstarter art and sets the bar high. Kerem Beyit is second to none when it comes to dragon art..
The card layout is simple and elegant much like Battle for Souls and it complements the artwork very well. But that might be because the man who did the layout for Draco Magi was the same designer. Good choice Robert. Keep using this man he is top notch.
All these are great reasons alone to back a project like this.. and then you see the price.
$15 dollars !
But what does that fifteen dollars get you ?
52 Dragon cards (Black, Red, Green, Purple, Brass, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Polar, Battle)
16 double-sided Battlefield cards
40 Battle cards
18 Advanced Battle cards
First Player card
Card index sheet

And all that Awesome art !
Robert is breaking the new standard in kickstarters and busting out DEEP discuounts to the backers in addition to a good selection of Stretch Goals. !
And the Formula is working. Hopefully other Projects take notice.
The game is getting backed at a steady place so far and in the time it took me to write this blog Draco Magi gained 60 backers.
Don’t get left out on this kick !


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