Stable Boy; what stable boy ?

As the players stop for the night at a crossroads inn they are warmly greeted by the inns stable boy. He offers to groom and stable all of the party’s mounts while they stay for two silver per horse. He is willing to be negotiated down to a single silver for the labor.
He takes the reigns and informs the players that they are in luck tonight. Dinner just began and and the local brewer just delivered this new seasons blend of hops.

With that he cuts the small talk and guides the horses to the nearby holding pen to begin his tasks. As the players enter the inn the smell of fresh food and the sounds of revelry is intoxicating. As the players make arrangements for rooms for the night. The innkeeper will inform them that they can stable their horses in the barn and nearby holding pens.  When the party informs the keep that they have given their mounts to the Stable boy he looks confused simply stating.
“Stable boy; what stable boy?”
the party has been the victims of a skilled horse thief..

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