Female GM’s ConTessa Needs You !

Now normally I try not to poach my blog post from my dear friend Keith over at Rolling Boxcars. But this is for a good cause. What’s that cause you say ? GAMING ! ConTessa is an all woman hosted Virtual Convention.  Anyone can play at any of their events but the entire event staff is women ! To include their panel guests and GM’s.

ConTessa is a free 3-day completely online tabletop gaming convention run entirely by women, but open to all for games, panels, contests, demos, and more. ConTessa’s aim is to celebrate the many women who play, run, and create tabletop games by having a nonstop online gaming party. ConTessa runs from February 7th – 9th via Google Hangouts on Air, with contests and other preliminary events happening throughout January.

Now why am I passing this nugget on well the ladies over at ConTessa need more female GM’s for next months games.  So do your part like I am doing mine. Spread the word !

ConTessa will run from Feb 7-9 2014 

Website: http://contessaonline.com/
G+ Community: https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/103286257981841408007



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