Get a Grip with a GripMat !

So as I was browsing along in kickstarter land I bumped into an awesome kick that I nearly missed out on. GripMat ; whats a GripMat you say ? Well they are  awesome mat’s for your board card and RPG games.
The thing that caught my eye on this kickstarter right out the gate as the quality of the Mats. These “gecko approved ? ” Mats can be used for any number of games.  Their price is  competitive coming out the gate with  prices that line up well with chessex mats and look nicer.  Lastly and holy cow do they have an impressive and massive number of mat types they have in their line for you to pick from.  These mats come with or without grids for you war gamers as well.
Two thoughts in closing. They know their audience ! These mats are going to please you if you get one. I love that they made ship mats for Space opera games !
The only down side as RPG gamer I could note and this is being knit picky is they are not dry erase. But they are water proof, wrinkle free and Stain resistant. You can’t get much better then that.  Get over there and give them a look before the kick ends.

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