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How Can Players Make a World Seem Real? #RPGaDay2018

How Can Players Make a World Seem Real?


I think the answer to the question of how can players make a world seem real starts with player buy-in. When we run games we often hear about gamemasters needing to create player buy-in for the players. But today we will chat about the fact that buy-in is a two-way street. This will make the game more interesting for you and everyone at the table. So before we get much further let’s talk about player buy-in?


What is Player buy-in?

By definition, buy-in is: To believe in and support an idea, concept, or system, and to accept an idea as worthwhile. In this case, the buy-in is the story that the gamemaster is going to run for the players.  So once you and your fellow players have agreed to the game that will be run here are some suggestions how you as a player can help make a world seem real.

Make Useful Backgrounds

Making backgrounds can be fun, this is your chance to be creative and help develop your character more. Crafting a backstory that is not only creative but has influence with the gamemasters storyline helps both of you. For you, as a player, the world is now a little more real as potential current story events may relate to events in your past.  This also makes you feel more like you part of a story not interacting with the story.


Create Connections With Fellow Players.

While your fellow players are picking classes and rolling up stats and writing backgrounds this is a perfect time to begin coming up with some character connections. If you are having a hard time coming up with connections to one and other at the table. Why not create a mutual NPC that both you and your fellow player have in common.

All of these things are small examples of small little ways you can help make the game world around you feel more real. What it comes down to is involved with things beyond the main plot. If you have not tried it, consider it. You may find that a little buy-in goes a long way in enhancing the games you play in.



What are some other things that you have done to help make a game world feel more real? I look forward to seeing your comments below.


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