#RPGaDay2017 6th Day: You can Game Every day for a Week. Describe What you’d do?

fb_img_1500709153124 HI REZ

This one will be posting on a Monday, I still am writing it on Sunday I just don’t want to post it at 10 PM. SO what would I do if I could game for a whole week? The irony of my answer might have my readers question of I am a hardcore gamer or not haha. Because when I think about, what would I play every day for a week solid? I think to myself that I actually would not want to game for a full week straight. I thought for a long time about with that much gaming going on in your life would you take it for granted.

Yet when I think back to my military days while I was stationed at Ft. Stewart for probably a year straight we did exactly what this question asks we played game 7 days a week. Maybe now that I am older I can see how tiring it could be lol. But back then we hit game hard every night of the week. Back then we would play Rifts Monday- Thursday. Friday we would LARP Vampire. Saturday we would play Star Wars till 7 PM and hit LARP again another night. Sundays we rolled Star Wars all day and into the evening.
The games we played were not all ways Rifts or Star Wars, but that was the how we broke the game days up back then.

Since my military days, I still game quite a bit most weeks I am either playing or running in 3 games. For a time I was still pulling down 4 games a week as recently as a six months ago. But with I am going answer this question, not from the mindset of 7 days a week long term. But with the idea that it would once a year or something. So with that kind of a situation in mind, I would love to pick a campaign that I could wrap up from start to finish in 3-4 days. And then take the rest of the week to let one of the other players finish off running games for the rest of the week.

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