Uprising: The Dystopian Universe, FATE RPG Now On Kickstarter


Uprising is the roleplaying game based on the hit Dystopian Universe (DU) games from Indie Boards & Cards, including The Resistance, Coup, and One Night Revolution. Like the other DU games, Uprising is about cunning spies and government agents, loyalty and betrayal, propaganda, unrest, and violent revolution. Unlike the other games, it’s a roleplaying game or RPG. Uprising uses a modified version of the Fate Core rules. You’ll step into the identities behind the cards—or make your own—and foment rebellion, betray close friends, aid enemies, and hopefully survive the dark and gritty streets of Paris Nouveau.

I’m a Fate fanatic! What’s in it for me?

For gamers familiar with Fate, Uprising offers some new and exciting mechanics—not to mention that compelling cyberpunk setting. Inside, you’ll find the following new elements:

  • Secrets – Fate Core is built around camaraderie and teamwork, but at its core, the Dystopian Universe is full of backstabbing and deceit. Uprising provides a mechanical system for in-character secrets that will keep everyone at the table guessing.
  • Prep scenes – Do more with your downtime than just refreshing your Fate pool with the new prep scene rules. Request favors requisition equipment, and create advantages to use later.
  • New action rules – Instead of skills or approaches, Uprising uses means—Fight, Manipulate, Maneuver, and Observe. Adjust the outcome depending on whether the means fit the end goal.
  • Advancement system – Instead of milestones, character-specific goals lead to character growth—and sometimes put the characters at odds with each other.


Earlier today I backed Evil Hats newest Kickstarter Uprising: The Dystopian Universe. Why, well first off because I am a fan of the setting that is Coup, Rebellion, One Night Revolution and The Resistance. As well as games that have a similar feel like Netrunner.

That alone was enough to get my attention but what put me from curious to a solid sell was the early access to the PDF copy of the game. When I downloaded the PDF I was expecting the standard quick start guide to give you a better taste of the setting. Instead what they give you is a 300+ Page fully fleshed out playable RPG ready to go NOW.

Hats off Evil Hat you got me to upgrade my pledge without a second thought.

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