Sink or Swim

Back when I started my blog I drug my feet for awhile before I committed to writing it. 4 years later it is now something that I deeply love working on. I am looking at Patreon the same way.

This is just a first step in a new direction. I hope you can bear with me and enjoy the ride as I begin to learn This format as well as Discord. If I get enough Patreon’s of high enough tier I also look forward to no longer being able to drag my feet about Roll 20 as well.

I have learned the old adage for me often holds true. Sink or swim. I will put things off and put things off until you throw me in the water and I remember I can swim. Time to stop talking and start swimming!

Thank you for being part of the journey!


Shane Runkle
Runkle Plays Games.


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