Marco Bravario’s PC Background Resume

Marco Bravario

Class: Wizard
Personality Traits: Marco is a noble and views himself above others, not of his station in life. Many find his matter of fact tone rude.
Bond: All for the glory of my house.
Ideal: Nobles watch over their vassal’s  
Flaw: As a noble, I leave the work to lesser men

Long Term Goals

Currently, Marco wants nothing more than to get the heck out of Borovia and return to his homeland. Ideally, if he can manage to return with his current accumulated wealth in magic items that would be preferable.

Background (List three past events & how they affected you*)

Event One, Location- The countryside on the edge of his father’s lands.

  • While out on a vacation with his mistress. Marco’s carriage was attacked by ogres. His personal guard was killed and he nearly died in the initial encounter. This was the first time that Marco ever experienced the “common” life as he was rescued and nursed back to health. Several days after his injuries healed toiled on the farm to earn a ride to the local keep where he was “rescued”. Marco vowed never to have to do lesser men’s work again.

Event Two, Location- Magic School

  • The Magic Academy. A few years later it became know that Marco was skilled in the arts of magic. He attended the Magic Academy for the next few years beginning to master the art of wizardry. For as good as Marco was, another student named Veris was better. More than once did Veris best Marco and often would attempt to humiliate Marco because a “Commoner” was a better caster. One night Marco did the unthinkable and used his political station to have Veris expelled. Marco does not talk about this, but somewhere out there Veris has completed his training and is plotting.

Event Three, LocationThe Mists of Borovia

  • At the start of the current story, Marco and his three servants, as well as his Mistress, were on a retreat to the vineyards. On the way, their carriage was lost in a mist that rolled in out of nowhere. Moments later two of his servants were gone as well as his horses. Marco and his surviving companions would later find out they had been whisked away to Ravenloft. Marco has once again been thrust into a commoner lifestyle but he has found fellow adventurers that seek to escape this land as well. Now with their help, he hopes to return home with his servants soon. All that lies ahead is castle Ravenloft

Contacts & Rivals

Contact/ Rival Name : Rival Veris the Wizard.
Influence & Resources: He does not have much in the way of influence but he is a skilled wizard.



I wanted to show that this style of format can have a lot of detail. Marco is my existing Curse of Strahd character and I have been playing him for a bit now. It was fun to show a sample of what a background sheet would have looked like when I first created him. I hope you enjoy.

*One note that I would add. for existing or higher level PC I would add relevant events at least one every 2-4 levels. 

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