Return of Hook of the Day! The Book is the Key.

So I have been wanting to bring back Hook of the day for some time now. Well, today is the day! I did not want to just throw you guys out a hook. I wanted to show you some of my methods for creating hooks or in some cases entire adventures quickly and simply for my games. I also wanted to kick it off with something different.

So today I dug out a handful of Roy’s Story Cubes and gave them a toss! So I lined them up and took a few moments and this is what I came up with and here is what I came up with. Feel free to comment with your own “Story Hook” I would love to see how similar or different our results turn out.

The party finds a map giving them the location of a tower in the mountains. The tower is protected by undead beasts. In the uppermost levels, the players will find a book in the library that contains a “KEY”. The only door to the tower is locked. But the key will not open it and the lock is trapped. The “Key” unlocks a secret door behind a bookshelf in the library. Inside they will find a Magic Item. 



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