Captain America-The Ultimate Guide to the First Avenger Inside look


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Recently I have the chance and the honor to get a copy of Marvels Captain America the First Avenger to review written by Matthew Forbeck. This is a bit off the normal path of RunklePlaysGames but I am a huge lover of comics as well as RPG’s. So I jumped at the opportunity to get a look at this book.

What they have to say…

About Captain America: The Ultimate Guide to the First Avenger

Follow Steve Rogers’ journey from the sickly and small Army volunteer to  leader of the Avengers as well as his biggest adventures, battles, allies, and foes. Marvel’s Captain America: The Ultimate Guide to the First Avenger focuses on some of the character’s most famous comic book arcs, starting from the 1941 debut of Captain America Comics  to modern day.

This book also features a foreword by renowned former president and chairman of Marvel Comics Stan Lee, Stan Lee, this book is the essential reading for any Captain America fan.

What do I have to say about it? First off this book is pure eye candy. If you are a standard game and comic geek this is a sure bet as a coffee table book. You lay it out there and just let people flip through it and take it in because it is simply beautiful. It is easy to read and you will find yourself flipping page after page effortlessly as you take in all things Captain America.

Matthew Forbeck did a tremendous job with the writing of this project. With more than 70 years of comic timeline to cover it is composed masterfully. Nearly every image has a snippet of information in relation to why it is contained within. Even with so many beautiful images they are all in the book for a reason. Not just for the sake of page pretty page filler, this could have been a very easy trap to fall in with the design of this book.

The book is laid out wonderfully with a scrapbook style feel to it as well as plenty of full-color comic cover style pages thrown in for good measure. This book does not exaggerate when it says it is the ultimate guide to Captain America. No stone is left unturned in this product. Everything from a step by step timeline to details about the Caps gear through the ages is covered. The book even touches on the friends and foes he has worked with and faced off against over the years.

But for me, the best part was not all of the amazing details of the character and his stories over the years. It was reading all of the details that went on behind the scenes of the comic book as the years went by. The changes and adaptations that the Cap underwent as times changed as the world did around them.

Runkles Ranking

D20 #17OUTSTANDING! These products is a major success. Any product with a rank of 16-19 is a cut above the rest. These are must have products. Often products of this level strike a chord with their audience. They are literal page turners that you find yourself reading from beginning to end.

If you are a Captian America fan there is nothing about this product you will not like.

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