Runkle Plays Games Update:

Short sweet blog update to bring you all up to speed.

I have recently been approached by a company who is interested in using my logo for their company. After some discussion, they have offered to buy my D20 logo so that they could use it for their products going forward.
After a long internal debate, I have decided that I could use the money and put it toward other endeavors to further the blog and the growing business that it has grown into. so I sold the logo.
Runkle Plays Games blog is still owned by me, and I will continue to blog regularly. I will temporarily be using my Runkle Plays Games long form logo as my new primary logo until I come up with something new or just decided to leave it as is.



Good thing I had a backup,

Runkle Plays Games LOGO ALT

Feel free to to ask any questions if you have them I will be glad to fill you all in.

Thank you. Have a great day.

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