Kickstarter Watch:Tiles of Adventuring: Tabletop Grid System

Impudent_Mortals_Round.originalImpudent Mortal has launched their newest project. Tiles of Adventuring: Tabletop Grid System. It may be a mouth full to say but what it is boils down to a nice and portable tool for anyone that would be interested in this project.

So what is ToA? Well they will be a set of ten inch by ten inch clear acrylic play tiles. They will snap together in a similar fashion to the old Tack Tile boards. The major difference between Tac-Tiles and Tiles of adventuring is that they are transparent. so that you will literally be able to use any of your existing map surfaces or battle mats of your choice with them in play. They would also work well to help keep any D&D tile maps in place while in play I imagine.

The Kick has 29 days to go and is well over 50% of the way there already. The buy in level of this kick is $60 bucks for a 6 pack of tiles. not bad for what looks to be a nice grab for gamer’s myself that have a large amount of maps. You can up your bid for more tiles and a carrying box. The acrylic is marvelous to write on and makes for easy clean up.

9e914f7ec98e580cb7f68b388747d14c_originalImpudent Mortal has rolled out several projects in the past so this is a good safe bet for backers concerned about will or will not this projects make. These days it is worth mentioning when you are looking at Kickstarters that they have experience at delivering.
Give them a look and if you do back them let them know I sent ya!

12 Tile set $90 dollar level








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