Runkle’s Resolutions 2016

So most everyone does it and more often than not everyone fails to end up sticking with it. More often than not we simply forget what our resolutions were. The good thing about doing Blog Resolutions is that It is much easier to keep track and remember them! As my blog is moving into my third year I decided to finally break down and set a few goals for my blog.  I looked back and to my surprise I came to realize that I have never done any resolutions in my first two years I was up and running.

So I was not sure just how may Resolutions I wanted to take on. So I decided to make one Resolution for each they years I have blogged. After all I need to make up for having skipped them in the past why not!

My first resolution will be to do 52 blogs this coming year. One a week is pretty easy. I have hit that mark for the last two years. I will be shooting for 52 Feature style blog entries. That will make this one considerably tougher. But Hey what is a Resolution if I can not keep with the tradition that about 70% of resolutions

Second will be to do my very best to at least Double the number of Interviews I did on my blog in the last year. So that will bring me up to 4 interviews. 1 per quarter sounds acceptable.

My Third and final resolution is more personal note. I have seen for a little over two years now that G+ is a great platform for bloggers and gamer’s as a whole. I want to bring my presence to this platform as well. I focused on Twitter last year and I drew several hundred followers. I enjoy Twitter now then I ever expected to enjoy It. I have no doubts that G+ will make my love for gaming and blogging about gaming an even richer experience.



So my great friend and fellow blogger over at Rolling Boxcars has challenged me to blog more about OSR & Indy products. I accept!




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