Send in the Clowns!

As a Game Master often you find inspiration in the oddest of places. Last week I made the journey to MACE up in NC. As I was registering for games I glanced to the end of the table where the bowl of minis that is rapidly becoming a tradition for me to dig through at the convention was located. Each year Ron dumps a pile of cast offs in a bowl and sells them off at the convention. Like clockwork each year I dig through the bowl of misbegotten toys looking for something that might inspire.







As I glanced and sifted through the minis this year nothing jumped out at me at first. I actually gave up seeing as nothing  caught my eye. It’s not all that surprising after all these are cast off minis. Several hours later as I was heading to my Numenera game to run I passed by the registration desk one more time. I decided to give the bowl of minis one last look.Yet just as I was about to give up something caught my eye. There at the bottom of bowl these bright orange pants yelled out to me. A CLOWN !







For the last few weeks on and off I have been reminded of how much fear clowns bring out in so many people. Here at the bottom of the bowl was a small circus. I picked up a Mime, three different types of clowns and this creepy top hat guy that looks like the ring leader.


I scooped up a small army of these figures. Shockingly there were nearly a dozen of the orange pants wearing devils! As well as half as many of the three stack of mini clowns!  Inspiration hit and I had a terribly evil thought come to mind. What is worse than being attacked by horrifying knife wielding clown ? Well how about when you manage to put said clown down and not one, not two but three mini clowns come pouring out of his corpse.
Oh yes joy of joys ! My players will hate me.

And if your reading this and you’re not afraid of clowns. Now your players might just hate me as well!!

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