Upcoming Change’s

My posting will be taking a pause this week as I am coming up with a new format. I am going to make the move from two posts a week now to a three blogs a week format. Monday, Wednesday & Fridays.  I will keep with my regular posting of rants and raves. And everything that you all have come to like about the page. I will just be pushing out more content.

Tuesday’s Creature Feature will now become Mythical Monday’s It will maintain its Fantasy based nature.

My standard Thursday Topic of the Day posts will be moving to a new Category. I will be calling Friday’s Feature.

Topic of the Day will be reserved now for exactly that. Posts each day where I will be hoping to begin to at least get closer and closer to 5 posts a day. The Topic of the day will also be one that I hope will see many comments from time to time as things get brought up.

As for Wednesday’s Post I will be thinking all this week on what I might be doing with on Wednesday. Maybe what ever Wednesday, Guest blogger ? Who knows.. I will be looking for any thoughts that people would like to throw at me as well.
On one last note, I have a new G mail and Google Plus under R.P.G.RunklePlaysGames look for me there and I might be starting my own group there as well.

What are some changes or topics you would like to see me touch on here ? I am open to all suggestions?

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