Back in action.

I took the better part of a month off.  Sadly not by choice. A mini perfect storm of sorts landed in my life and things were a bit hectic. Blog took second stage and its now its time to give it more of that love it truly deserves. Nearly a month ago I sat down at my PC to discover that my son had downloaded a few new programs with permission yet.. from sources of some question.. And as I began to try to tear down the virus and multiple other issues he infected our PC with there was a knock on the door.  The water company was informing me there would be no water for a short time while they repaired a pipe.. So I sat down to finish my work and my internet died.
As soon as they broke ground they busted my cable and internet lines.

Fast forward Two weeks and a day before Comcast ever makes it out to my home and repair the line. No internet for two weeks. Welcome to the dark ages. It was not so bad for me or my wife. But you would have thought I had dropped my son on a deserted island.

Once Things got back in working order I had to put some extra focus to Storm-Con. And my E-bay business. Now that much of that has been taken care of it is time to get the sinking blog afloat again.  So here we go !
On a cool new note I also have started a new Blog as well to go with this one. It will Highlight and Detail my personal RPG campaign setting for the last 15 plus year. Enjoy !

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