About Me

Hello may name is Shane Runkle welcome to my blog.
If you’re wondering why I blog about well the title pretty much says it all, I play games. RPG’s are my first love. But I play plenty of board games and card games as well. I created this place as a home for my thoughts to share my love of games with the world.

I have been a lover of RPG’s  for over 30  years having cut my teeth with spear in hand fighting Kobold’s to the death in the dark way back in 1st ed D&D. When I am not running RPG’s you can pretty much bet your going to find me playing one. I spend more of my time looking at upcoming games and Kickstarters then is healthy for me or my wallet. And Recently I have gotten back into tabletop war-gaming. Eating up even more of my blogging time , yet I do my best to keep up regular posts these days.

I was born and Raised in Wisconsin and I am a die-hard Packer fan ! I grew up running around till the sun went down and the street lights came on in a town called Monroe. And I spent my High School years playing football and making friends that are still dear to me to this day in the village of New Glarus. All the while playing D&D when ever I could get the chance. After I finished school I joined up and served our country in the U.S. Army where I yet again found more gamers to further my love of the game. 

If you like my page, Please keep the creative fires going.Donate and keep me in coffee! Thank You~! images


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