Aquatica Homebrew

Aquatica Homebrew 


“Below is the description of my world that I wrote up for the World Ember 2018 writing contest. The heading above has a link to the write-up.”

Aquatica is my homebrew world. It is 80% water, with multiple small continents stretched around the equator and one at the bottom of the world.


Planetary Temperature: Hot.

All climate bands are one step warmer than normal; the tropical zone is super-tropical. Super-tropical regions are warmer than humans can comfortably tolerate, an unprotected human can survive in such areas, at least temporarily. The average temperature is well over 100 degrees, usually in the 110 to 140 degree range. (Human societies in such conditions may become nocturnal or do their best to avoid the heat of the middle of the day).


Seasonal Variations: Severe.

The world’s axial tilt exceeds that of Earth, creating strong seasonal variations. The summers will be hotter and the winters colder than those experienced at similar latitudes on Earth. The Arctic Circle is located well within the sub-arctic climate band, about 30 to 35 degrees from the pole.


Climatology: Hot.

Below the equator, very frequent rain is common. Prevailing winds will travel north to south (warm) and south to north (cold) water currents will travel the same direction as above with northern cold currents traveling along the ocean floor, and the southern warm currents traveling along the surface.


Astrology: This planet has 2 suns and 3 moons.



This is a large world, with a 12,000 mile diameter, 4 major islands, 6 minor islands, 2 large continents, and various smaller islands.

Because of the extreme climate of this world, only a small part of the far north has any ice year round. The hottest locations rarely have snow at any time of the year.


Flora & Fauna

Because of the Chaos Wars centuries ago, much of the plant and animal life was mutated or forcibly evolved. You would be hard pressed to find any untouched life except in some rare protected sites.


Natural Resources

Except where ravaged from the Chaos Wars, wild magic storm and magic contamination. There are many natural resources, many are mutated, but some are finally recovering from the destruction of the past.

All normal natural resources are present, although many were being mined by the Atlanteans to help build their cities and improve their technology.


Here is the write-up that I did for my previous site on

In this older post there are a few differences, and misspellings. Some ideas have evolved over time.

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