Figure of the Week: Sea Creature of Blood Reef

Sea Creature of Blood Reef

Today’s figure is the Sea Creature of Blood Reef, it is from the Reaper Bones (plastic line). It only has natural weapons and armor.

I painted it in dark blues and greens with a blue wash to shade the crevices. I decided on yellow eyes, as a lure similar to the deep-sea anglerfish.

I had similar problems with this plastic figure as with many previous ones, the paint not sticking. I’ve tried washing them in soapy water and priming them to no avail. The soap doesn’t work and the primer seems to melt the first layer of plastic, leaving them sticky


The closest creature that I could find stats for is the Sahuagin. I’ve always like this evil race.

Here are some creatures that would go well in an encounter with this creature.


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