Product Stoplight: One Page Dungeon Compendioum 2011

About three years back I stumbled on the one-page dungeon model. I was very hesitant to like it at first. But the more and more I looked thought about it the more I fell in love with it. This simple outline of an adventure is a wonderful framework for a quality adventure. Moreover, instead of spoonfeeding you encounter after encounter giving you a connect the dots dungeon, you are given enough detail to spark your creativity allowing you and your players to hit the ground running.
I highly recommend giving one-page dungeons a look.

236864-thumb140Publisher: Shattered Pike Studio
Print Edition Link: 1 Page Dungeon 20011 Print
PDF Link: 1 Page Dungeon 2011 PDF

The Print Edition of the 2011 One Page Dungeon Compendium featuring 62 One Page Dungeon Contest entries spanning several genres including horror, sci-fi, and of course classic fantasy.  The submissions are fairly system neutral by design, and many can be easily dropped into your existing campaign!

Authors/ Creators

Michael Richards, Random Wizard, Aaron Frost, Mundi King, Dyson Logos, Greg Gillespie, Jason Morningstar, Joe Sarnowski, Kelvin Green, Leslie Furlong, Lester Ward, Mike Monaco, Rob, Sutart Robertson, Thom Wilson, Tim Hartin, Andrew C. Durston, Ben ‘Kthulhu’ Bullock, Bill De Franza, Billy Miller, Brian Leet, David Eynon, Dennis Filipiak, Donald Peterson, Doyle Wayne Ramos-Tavener, Dylan Hartwell, Emil Larsson, Eric Jones, Greg Schuster, Iaian Jones, James Pacek, Jay Brown, Jens Thuresson, Joe Pruitt, John Laviolette, Jonathan ‘Wyrd’ Brazell, Jonathan Walton, Jordan Penny, Joshua Bennet, Joshua Burnett, Justin Colussy-Estes, Kirk Stone, Marc Pavone, Mark Morrison, Matthew Schmeer, Michael Bors, Michal Gibbons, Michael K. Tumney, Nicholas Sigwald, Patrick Maguire, Peter Regan, Ravi, Rodney Sloan, Roger S.G. Sorolla, Roland Volz, Shane Knysh, S.J. Harris, Simon Forster, Steve Johnson, Tim Labor, Tim Shorts, Todd Mitchell, Tom Livak, Travis Miller, and Zack Buntin.

Price: $3.00


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