Aurora, city of lights, full city map.

Publisher: Seafoot Games
Price: $0.00 PWYW
Pages: 1 Large Map
Link: Aurora, city of lights DTRPG  

I ran into this good-looking map while looking for maps for my homebrew setting. I was surprised to see this nice looking map on DTRPG for $0.00. Go on over there and pick it up for yourself if you are in need of a nice map and do a guy a favor who spent 50 hours on making this map and throw him a tip!  

From the Designer,
This is one of my older works and took me around fifty hours to complete, This is the complete map of the capital city of Aurora, the city of lights. The map is 3000×3000 pixels at 72 dpi. The image is in Jpeg format. If you enjoyed this map please think about throwing some spare change my way, thanks!

Aurora 3

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