Dungeon Bathhouse & Pools

Publisher: Fat Dragon Games
Pages: 10 STL Printable FILES
Dungeon Bathhouse & Pools

This set contains 10 remixed Fat Dragon Games dungeon STL files that can be used to create a variety of pool designs with and without pillars!




The following STL files are included in this package:

Pool_Entrance.stl – Entrance stairs

Pool_Inner_Corner.stl – 90-degree inner corner

Pool_Inner_Diagonal.stl – Diagonal inner corner

Pool_Outer_Corner.stl – 90-degree outer corner

Pool_Inner_Diagonal.stl – Diagonal outer corner

Pool_Pillar_Inner_Corner.stl – Inner corner with pillar

Pool_Pillar_Outer_Corner.stl – Outer corner with pillar

Pool_Pillar_Straight.stl – Straight side with pillar

Pool_Pillar_Submerged.stl – Pillar surrounded by water

Pool_Pillar_Straight.stl – Straight side


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