Figure of the Week: Amathor, Arch Mage

Today’s figure is from the Reaper Dark Heaven Legends line. His name is Amathor, Arch Mage. He is wearing a robe, cloak and hat, carrying an owl familiar and wielding a staff with a face, with a rode on his belt. I found him in two places, on Reaper Miniatures site and According to the Karas and Rocha description, there used to be an Austrian Crystal Accent on the staff.

With more research, I found out that in the late 90s, companies used to buy figures plate them with silver and add gems.

Figure of the Week: Druss Darkblighter

druss darkblighterToday’s figure is from Reaper Dark Heaven Legends. His name is Druss Darkblighter, he is caster wearing half-plate with no weapons. His base is flocked. This a very interesting character. It looks like he drinks a lot since he has a mini-keg on his belt.

He is the Winner of Game Trade Magazine’s “Bring Your Character to Life”.



Figure of the Week: Harpy

Today I am featuring the Reaper Bones Harpy figure, I painted her with the Mayan Quetzal coloring because she appears to be a cross between a dragon and harpy. This is a female harpy wielding natural weapons and no armor. She was fun painting, although I would have liked a metal figure better. The plastic bones bend easily and the paint doesn’t stick as well.