#RPGaDAY2015 Day 2 Kickstarter game most pleased that you backed?

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Okay today’s question is an easy one. Out of all of the kickstarter projects that I have backed the one that I by am the most pleased with has got to be Monte Cook Games Numenera. Numenera was a huge success and turned into the gift that just keeps on giving.

For the cost of a few nights out at the movies with the family I have picked up a pile of Numenera books, Later to lead me straight to The Strange and another huge pile of books as well. Now any day now the Core Rules for the setting will show up at my door. (By the time this blog posts I BETTER HAVE IT !)

From the moment I saw this system I knew it was going to be something special. After my first read through I told my game group that in a few years they would have a universal rules set. That with the “adjective, noun who verbs” style of character development idea left so many options, that a core rules would be the end result of this awesome system. Happily I can say that it turned out I was right.

You can pick each of them up in the links below.
The Strange 

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