#RPGaDay2015 Day 1 Forthcoming game your’re most looking forward to ?

RPG a day 2015 - Twitter

So to start off 2015 #RPGaDay2015 the first question we have is what forthcoming game are  you most looking forward to? Well If this had started a few days earlier I would have said Monte Cook Games Cyhper System. But with the PDF in my hands due to early release and the book being reported to show up on gamer’s doorsteps already. Most looked for game this year is now in hand. Looking beyond the Cypher System to upcoming books my next choice is pretty easy as well.

Savage_Rifts-234x300Savage Worlds Rifts.
Savage Rifts was announced right out of left field. And I think it had a huge impact with Rifts fans everywhere. Even more so for myself. You see around this time last  year I was blogging in this silly little thing called #RPGaDay.  One of the questions was what system would you most like to see a new edition of. And this was my pick
download (6)(Click the image to see that Blog)
So months later when I learned that Savage worlds was getting the go-ahead to make a licensed version of Rifts I about fell out of my chair I was so happy! So as I post this here once more I get all excited as I type this up. Christmas can not come soon enough and I hope that with Savage Worlds at the helm we will not have to wait too long to see the book. After all anyone that knows Kevin’s track record knows that its a rare day that Palladium books come out on time! But they are always jam packed with stuff! Of this I expect no less. My eyes will be on Twitter and Facebook as I hear that there will be some drop in games of this play-tested at Gen Con.. This blogger is jealous that I have to wait to get my hands on it for some time to come yet.

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