#RPGaDay2015 Day 19 Favorite Supers RPG

RPG a day 2015 - Twitter

We comes the superhero games there are a lot of games out there in the max that will be very close to the top of the pack. So this choice is more out of overall experience with the games that I played in the superheroes setting that I’ve worked well in all aspects of character creation and game play. 

For me the nod goes to GURPS supers. I myself have not run GURPS supers. But I have me characters in the setting and played multiple heroes. One of the reasons why the stand out for me is there is literally no hero that can’t be made in the system give them enough points.

I would think my next runers up maybe even call it a tie would be Muntants  and masterminds. Along with champions RPG. 

I would like to know as well that as much as I would like to rank savage supers I can’t because I don’t have any experience playing running or making characters in that system for a super story. I will say I’ve heard really good things so it might be worth a look.

I will say that I wish over the years one superhero system the really was stand out as far as the setting in my opinion was aberrant sadly it never really got much traction even after releasing a good number of setting books. 

I likely would take aberrant over GURPS had I had the opportunity to play the game more, because I really was in love with that system. 

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