Review: Trusty Tavern Menus

Trusty Tavern Menus

This custom deck is perfect for any game master needing a quick tavern when adventurers go looking for a strong drink, hot meal, and a soft bed. 

Each card presents a tavern name, description of the establishment (and price for bed), a sample menu (with prices), as well as a rumor associated with the tavern or town perfect for quick adventure hooks.

Perfect for any fantasy game setting.


2015-01-22 20.37.54So I have been eagerly waiting to get my hands on this deck of cards. Tasty Tavern Menus from Fat Goblin Games! Now the description above from DriveThroughRPG sums this product up well.  But I am going to go a little bit more in-depth to what you’re getting if you purchase this product.
You are getting a full stack of 52 poker cards. The cards are sturdy and easy to read. The real estate on these cards is used up and does not go to waste. I would compare the card quality to the Numenera card set. Another great deck of cards to bring to the Table.
2015-01-22 20.38.34I don’t know who over at Fat Goblin was behind the creation of these Taverns. But I will say that all 52 of them have great atmosphere. Be it the location and description of the Tavern. Or the Rumor’s that can be learned from each of these establishments.  Some are cheep and some are expensive as all get out. Many have exotic menus to further set the local apart from the rest. The advantage to these cards over a random generator you can find online is two-fold. First they are better written than any of the random tavern generators I have yet to find. Second if you need to go back to that tavern at a later date. You have the card right at your fingertips.

One more deck of cards that you have to tote around. But how bad is that in the land of gamer swag.

Would I recommend them ?
Yes this is a solid grab for anyone that wants to add some flavor to their bland bars and inns. I can see these being used in any fantasy setting. D&D, Pathfinder or any Indy setting from Labyrinth Lords to DDC. With a slight bit of tweaking you could even use them in Numenera fairly easily. they already have a few decks at the table anyway.



Runkle’s Ranking

Dice-d20-Opaque2Well it has been nearly a year since I did this review, At the time of the review I had yet to implement my ranking for products. So since this came back again on my radar I decided I would give it a quick update and rank.
A year later and I still find myself using these cards. Also I find that they have been useful in several game systems that I have been running that in all regards is outstanding. My ranking for this product drops in at a solid 16. I highly recommend these cards. They are a stand out product that can be used in pretty much any fantasy style game.

Where can I get them ? 







  1. Hello there! I just saw your review on RPGNow, and I wanted to introduce myself! I’m Justice Mora, and I’m the author of the Trusty Tavern Menus! I’m so glad you liked them!

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  2. Hey Shane, I have had this deck for a while… I was doing a random search for the deck to tell a GM for one of my games how to find his own copy and the link for your review was the second search result. So of course I had to stop in and say hey… “Hey”

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