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#RPGaDay2016 Day:27 Most unusual circumstance or location​ in which you’ve gamed?


Well, this one will be short.

The Most unusual circumstance of location in which or location in which I have gamed.

While in the service. During deployment in Somalia with Dice carved from soap and numbered chit pulled from bags. Our player’s handbook and DMG were taken out of their covered and bound in a plastic folder. So they could be rolled up or tucked in duffle bags and not damaged.

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  1. Mine has to be updating my response for my Spacemaster Medic in a PBP while sat in the boardroom chairing a meeting between department management and outside software developers. My medical was caught in a firefight between his marine buddies and wave after wave of zombie-like aliens.

    One has to prioritise after all!

    I don’t work there anymore which is probably best.

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