Appendix N Kickstarter Still Missing!

It’s problems like this that make me hesitate to back some projects. When I need to see costs climb and begin to soar on some kicks it makes me less and less likely to jump on a project.
I back mostly with Disposable Income yet I do not want to Throw said income away. When I back a project in good faith. I want my product repetitively on time in good faith.

Rolling Boxcars

In the past I have talked about my horrible experience with the Appendix N Kickstarter I backed more than 2 years ago. The owner of this project keeps promising the books are coming and some folks are reporting that they have received their books, but yet I still don’t have my books and I can’t get John Adams to email me back. Has anyone else backed this project or had similar experience with other projects?

I am supportive of Kickstarter projects and have backed several over the past few years. This is the only project where I feel I am going to burned at the end of the day.

~ Modoc

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